Panthers of the Week (9/7-9/10)


Aliza Tharani

Aliza is in 10th grade and is a part of Ms. Fifer’s AP Drawing Portfolio class. She has been taking art all throughout middle and high school. She enjoys art because it helps her express herself and “makes sense.” She wants to major in medicine, so this drawing encompasses that passion through bodily anatomy.



Violet Adams


Violet is in 10th grade and is in Ms. Gunn’s Painting 1 class. She was in an art class last school year as well and wanted to continue to further her skills in this. She has always been interested in art and having the ability to create paintings and drawings herself. The inspiration behind this piece is that her mother has always been incredibly supportive of her art, so she wanted to draw something special to thank her. Her mom loves space themed things, so she drew this piece with that fact in mind.



Adi Choudhary

Adi is in ninth grade and is in Ms. Alkire’s Advanced Art History class. Adi likes art because school is so repetitive and requires no creativity and art is the opposite, plus it is relaxing. The inspiration behind this piece is as follows:

“Sometimes when you are just thinking by yourself, lost in thoughts, I represented that because there is a dude just thinking in the dark at night time on top of Stonehenge, which is kind of a mystery with where it came from so you’re left with your thoughts that are never answered.”