Open The Campus

Student Freedom and Responsibility

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

Open campus became closed after administrators prohibited leave by any student, including seniors during class hours. Leaving students trapped in an eight hour day with no change in scenery. 

Administrators should allow students to have open campus during lunch periods. 

Thus giving them the opportunity for a change in scenery, exposure to things outside of school and a chance for kids to take a break. Most of the time, lunch being only thirty minutes, students come back to class tired, annoyed and unfocused. 

Unfocused minds can lead to lack of participation, following instructions and even imagination when compared to school work and classes. While teachers think of lunch as a free time to relax from the stress of school, many students find it difficult to achieve that stress free place inside the school building. 

Students state that off campus lunch gives them not only the chance to eat out and have a change from the school atmosphere, but also to be able to grab something from their house, or tend to family members. Open campus isn’t just about the lunch, but about the chances students have to recuperate and manage needs that are unmanageable within the school. 

Therefore, open campus should be allowed for students within the lunch periods. Giving freedom and responsibility to the students  outside of school boundaries.

In order to enforce open campus, students should have the right to be trusted to come back after signing out, or turning in a slip for excused off campus lunches. Keeping in mind the issues of tardiness to class and disruption in the classroom environment, kids will face the same consequences as skipping school or being late to class. This will allow students to develop higher responsibility and freedom within and beyond the classroom.