Red Rail Halftime Show

Featuring: The Panteras, Diamonds Color Guard, and Marching Band!

Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

The Red Rail Rivalry game took place last Friday, August 27, at the Mustang-Panther Stadium against our cross-town rivals, Grapevine High School.

The halftime show, as always, was one for the books.

It began with a choreographed dance by our varsity dance team, the Panteras, ending with a striking pose.

Following them, our color guard, the Diamonds, took the stage with their mind-boggling flag-spinning and dancing.

Lastly, our marching band showed off with their crazy footwork to two songs, one of which being our alma mater.

To kick off the second half of the game our football team reentered the field with a cacophony of cheering from our hyped-up student section as they tore through their Colleyville Heritage Panther-emblazoned sheet.


The game ended with yet another crushing victory for the Panthers, 42-7. The student section, cheerleaders, Panteras, Diamonds, marching band and football team interlocked pinkies to our signature alma mater song.



Congratulations again, Panthers!