Finals Prep

David Lasch, Reporter

As we near the end of our school year, the time has yet again come to start preparing for finals. This time around, however, all grade levels will be able to exempt at least one class. As I’m sure you know, taking a final can be a stressful experience for the students taking them, as it consumes a lot of time preparing for.

Though finals and midterms are relatively the same thing, their stress level may affect  differently than the other. Finals are one of, if not the last grade of the year. They are often worth a large portion of your grade, which means you should spend a good amount of time studying for them. This makes them fairly time consuming and stressful for many students who end up taking them.

For finals, different grade levels will be allowed to exempt a different amount of their finals. Unlike midterms, freshmen will be allowed to exempt one of their exams for the final. Sophomores will be allowed to exempt 2, juniors can exempt 3, and seniors can exempt 4. Depending on how many AP classes you took, you may not have to take an exam if you took the AP class for that corresponding class.

So, make sure you’re prepared for your final exams this semester. You’ll be taking them next week on one full day of school and two half days. Make sure you study at least the night before, and hopefully more before that as well as these finals are worth a large portion of your grade.