Tech Stars

Working Behind The Scenes

Manya Sharma, Sophomore

Manya has been in Tech Theater I since this past year, and is looking to advance to Tech II- her hopes to be a part of the “magic of the backstage” overcoming her past work as an actor. 

She looks forward to more hands-on experience, already knowing the setup of the program. Her view on the background life is expressed through the work she does. 

“I [love] the building, it’s fun, and it’s pretty,” Manya said. “Going into tech theater two would be an honor.” 

In addition, Manya finds her work important, and necessary to execute carefully due to the process of setting up for shows. 

“You have to make sure you put up all the equipment correctly,” Manya said. “[Also] follow instructions because if you mess up one thing the whole background goes down.”

Manya has done shows for the school, and for past years through all of middle school. Despite her not remembering the specific events and shows she’s done in the past she claims “Modern Millie [was] the best show.” 


Quinn Brooks, Freshman

Quinn made the choice to be a part of Tech Theater I to try something new. They have past experience of being in theater in middle school but were curious what the duties of working backstage consisted of.

“I did acting in middle school but got tired of being on the stage,” said Quinn. “I wanted to see what it was like backstage.”

Being a techie comes with a lot of responsibilities that result in hard work. Quinn has taken part in one of the biggest productions of the school year, Thoroughly Modern Millie. Quinn’s duties as a techie are “keeping other people in check” and making sure he handles equipment well.

Each production is wired by the tech team and it’s important that everyone works together. Quinn’s favorite part of being in Tech Theater is the people in the class.

“A lot of people in the advanced tech classes are really nice and just fun to be around in general,” said Quinn.


Aarushi Gulati, Freshman 

Aarushi, since middle school, has been interested in the theatrical program. Her love for the theater increased after leaving acting to start in tech theater. 

“In middle school I did acting, but I got to do some backstage stuff for one of the plays and that was more interesting to me than acting,” Aarushi said. 

While Aarushi has been on the tech 1 team, she’s observed many important processes and certain things that are expected in each member. That each person is responsible for communicating and helping as sets are built and displays are prepared. 

“Make sure you’re communicating clearly with others to understand your role and how you need to perform and make sure it coordinates with the actors,” Aarushi said. 

In comparison to the community, Aarushi enjoys the amount of time she gets to spend with friends as she gets sets ready and goes through production ques and lighting ques.