AP Exam Week

David Lasch, Writer

This week marks the start of AP Testing for a lot of classes this year. AP classes, or Advanced Placement classes, offer high school students the opportunity to take college-level courses developed by College Board to give them an opportunity to prepare them for college classes and gain credit for the classes before they even graduate high school.

Students test on the material that they learned over the course of a year in the AP class by taking their AP exams that are developed yearly by College Board. These tests consist of a multiple choice segment, as well as multiple free-response questions. Students have the option to take this exam to demonstrate their mastery of the subject, earn college credit, and as preparation for other college level courses they may take.

These exams, however, can only take place at very specific times throughout the school year. Over the course of the next 3 weeks, all AP classes on our campus will be taking their AP tests. A schedule will be linked at the end of this article for any student or parent who may need it.

For the AP exams, students are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled exam start time, but are strongly recommended to arrive 30-45 minutes before the start of the exam to be better prepared and for a better start time for the others taking the exam. Students will report to their designated testing room or gymnasium upon arrival, unless you are testing elsewhere in which you are to report to the library.

On testing days, students who are taking the exams will be fieldtripped-out for the entire day, but are required to show up for their exam when the time comes. This means, if you have an afternoon exam you should come in late for it, and if you have a morning exam, you should leave after you have taken it. These will be counted as excused absences and will not go against students for seat time.

Students should bring with them some form of identification whether that be their student ID, drivers license, drivers permit, etc. as well as two #2 pencils that are NOT mechanical. They should also bring 2 black/blue pens and a calculator if your test permits it. 

Students should not bring their phones, smart watches, highlighters, colored pencils, books, notes, scratch paper (should be provided to the students), drawing materials, coloring books, dictionaries, etc. If any of these are found in the possession of the students during the test, their exam will be canceled and discredited from them.

Students who are not taking the exams will likely come in late during the first week due to STAAR testing that will be taking place at the same time in the first week of school, but the second and third weeks will remain the same for all students who are not testing.


Link to AP Exam Schedule: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BN4u1oVjd8wS_K0CJBmqTl-ZLkF5PjKivTE1NGUZ4lA/edit