The Pasta Plight

Carb Shortage Takes Over 2022

A beloved carb. One Americans long to be set in front of them after a long work day. A plate of warm pasta basking in sauce, steamed to perfection. Bread tucked lovingly in a towel to be kept warm in a bowl beside a crisp salad. A meal American families wait expectantly for has now been lost to a world wide crisis. The Pasta Shortage. 

Families find themselves speeding to grocery stores in hopes to grab the last box of noodles before the shelves go bare for another week. Success coming to many, yet to others- a missed opportunity for spaghetti and meatballs. The country lost in a chaotic brawl for food that’s cut short due to a calamity happening across the world; Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

According to an article by the Seattle Times- What Russia’s War in Ukraine Means for Washington’s Wheat Market, “Russia and Ukraine supply nearly 30% of the World’s Wheat.” With Ukraine’s plea to the United States to stop all commerce within the bounds of Russian exports, Biden bans trade between Russia and America. Many Americans face this with annoyance due to the lack of a home style meal prominent in households, the want for pasta evident in many. The ban on trade keeps grocery stores in a consistent cycle of weekly shortages- consumer’s needs not met during this time of dilemma.

Many Americans are upset over the current lack of carbs, however, it is unknown what the country will be short of in the coming months. An article by USA Today- Get Ready to Spend More at The Grocery Store, states, “Grocery prices are expected to rise between 3% and 4% in the coming months.” As products decrease in availability, the more expensive they become. Meat has already caused an upset in many households thus far. The cost of meat has already risen 13% since February 2021. With summer approaching, families will be hosting pool parties while grilling hamburgers and hotdogs in their backyards. The anger regarding the cost increase of these proteins is only expected to grow tremendously. 

Ultimately, global issues such as Russia’s War on Ukraine affect the lives of people everywhere. The shortage and price increase of certain foods will continue to influence the economy. Although it is unfortunate, things could be worse, and it’s important to realize that citizens from all over the world are experiencing this simultaneously and are in this together.