Senior Prom

Review For A Night Of Enchantment

Chloe Gillum and Ryliegh Martin

Dressing up. Dancing. The promposals. Corsages and heels. Prom night is what every student looks forward to their senior year, a night for an excuse to dress up, have fun, and ask someone to the dance. This Senior Prom will be on April 30, at 7:00pm at the Great Wolf Lodge Conference Center. 

“I like the enchanted forest, but I wish it was something easier to work with,” Senior, Jaclyn Turner said. “Most kids aren’t going to follow the theme because it’s one that takes planning to adhere to; everyone’s just going to pick their favorite outfit despite the theme.”

At 7:00pm ballroom doors will open, however once the clock strikes 8:00pm, entry will not be allowed by any persons-including those who have tickets. Prom King and Queen will be announced at 9:30pm, the Prom ending an hour and a half after announcements. Throughout the night food and drinks will be provided through food trucks. Photos will also be available at photo booths. 

“I don’t know what food services or photo services are being offered but considering it’s at Great Wolf Lodge, I think they’ll be good,” Turner said.

Tickets paid for, and decorations set up, prom is ready to begin. Students are excited to have a good time and enjoy the night they’ve been looking forward to the past four years. With fundraising from the help of their class year, they make the night possible. Students are animated and prepared for a good time.

“I’m most looking forward to dressing up and spending time with my friends. I also look forward to being at an event that’s all kids my age,” Turner said.