Panthers of the Week (4/18-4/22)


Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

Theo Medlock, 11th grade

He is in Tech 1 with Mr. Faulks and focuses more towards costuming.

Theo decided to take theater because a lot of his friends took it and enjoyed the class a lot.

He considers Mr. Faulks his favorite teacher.

Theo worked with costuming for in Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Death of Joe Egg, and 3 a.m.

Theo’s favorite part of being in tech is being able to see all the shows fully completed.



Bryan McDaniel, 9th grade

Bryan in in Production 1 with Mr. Faulks.

He has been involved with theater since 4th grade.

Bryan decided to continue theater into high school because it was something he was passionate about and he knew there were good people in the program.

He has mostly just participated in his class productions, but he is also in the Infinite Black Suitcase SOAP (senior-directed one act plays.)

His favorite part of theater is the people.





Ellen (right)

Ellen Davidsaver, 9th grade

Ellen plays saxophone in Symphonic band with Mr. Haddock.

She decided to join band because her parents encouraged her to join in middle school, but she ended up loving it all the way into high school.

Her favorite part of being in band is marching season.