Panthers of the Week (4/4-4/8)


Nancy Laison, 10th grade

Nancy decided to be a student athletic trainer because she wanted to be able to help others and get involved with the athletic community behind the scenes.

Her favorite part of doing this is building relationships with people and getting to see the ups and downs of high school sports. The most difficult part of being a trainer is the time commitments it requires.

Nancy plans to work in the medical field in the future and hopes that having been a trainer in high school will help because she will have had hands on experience.




Kiera Craik, 10th grade

Kiera is in Mr. Deaton’s ASL 2 class. She decided to take ASL rather than another language because she thinks it is easier to learn in comparison to the others offered at school.

After graduation Kiera wants to work in the medical field and hopes that knowing ASL will help her communicate with even more people.

Her favorite part of being in this class is how easy the teachers make learning seem.

Kiera plans to continue learning ASL in the 3rd and 4th classes.



Linnea Wheeler, 10th grade

Linnea (middle)

Linnea Wheeler is in drumline in varsity band.

At her old school, she was in band but it wasn’t “nearly as fun as it is here.”

When she moved here, she hoped joining band would force her to make new friends.

Her favorite part of being in band is the people. The most difficult part is learning the music.

On average, she practices two hours a day during normal season and at least eight hours a day during marching season.