Student IDs


David Lasch, Reporter

With recent events at Colleyville Heritage High School, teachers and faculty are cracking down on students wearing their Identification Badges or IDs for short. A couple weeks ago, several individuals entered the campus who were not meant to be there. On top of that, there was another incident at the school this year that also involved students not wearing their identification.

Identification is a very useful tool in your everyday life. Many different businesses, companies, governments, schools, and other organizations use them to make sure that no one who isn’t meant to be at a location is there. 

Students at CHHS are now being encouraged to wear their IDs more than ever before. Though it has been a school policy for several school years, students have not been wearing their ID’s as much as they should be. To solve that problem, the staff at CHHS will be conducting mandatory ID checks during several class periods throughout the day during the school weeks.

Students who do not have their IDs for any reason will be sent to the office to get a temporary sticker ID until they can get another physical copy of their identification card. You will not be allowed to get lunch from the cafeteria unless you have your ID on you as well.

GCISD staff hope that this will solve the issues that they have experienced so far this year. In the end, student IDs are required in order to insure the safety of the students and faculty members on and off campus. IDs are not put in place to be a burden, they are there to make sure you are safe around your campus. Though you may or may not like to wear it, it is in your best interest to wear it for the safety of the people around you and yourself.