Runners Get Ready…Set…Go!

Track Recap

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

This past Friday, February 18, was the first official UIL track meet of the season; held at Mustang Panther Stadium. The meet started off quick with the 3200 Open, JV and Varsity races, leading into field events happening near the track. The meet took a two hour pause before running events began roughly around 6:30 p.m.

Relays took seconds to complete within the given time frame, runners sprinting off, some falling short, while others kept close, nearly passing each other as they pushed through the final meters. Aaron Sandoval makes a new personal record (PR) in the Varsity Boys 800 race, his final step determining his first place position at the race’s end. 

With strong affirmation, the team pushes to do their best in each event, personal records being achieved every other race. Excitingly enough- the Open 3200 was finished with PRs for every boy and girl; encouragement flowing through the team as Varsity and JV step up to the starting line. 

In the Varsity Girls 800 and Jv Boys 800, PRs are made within seconds of the finish line. Adrenaline throwing each runner forward as they run into a proud end of their races. In light of these PRs and race outcomes, the coaches are confident in the fact that where they are now, was where they finished last season; growth already in progress to get better and run harder. 


Look Out!: Next Track Meet is next Friday March 4 starting at 9:30 A.M-on rolling schedule