Panthers of the Week (2/21-2/25)


Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Angelina Rahn, sophomore

Angelina initially chose to join the wrestling team because of the environment. She thought it would be good for her and also thought that it could benefit her when it came to learning self-defense. Coach McCready has taught Angelina how to be the best she can be. “He has helped me by teaching me moves and answers any questions I have if I am confused,” said Rahn. Angelina considers the team her second family and looks forward to watching them grow as athletes.

Angelina Rahn













Rachel Belanger, sophomore

Rachel is in Coach McKinney’s Medical Terminology class. In the class, students learn all about different body systems along with careers within the medical field. Rachel one day wishes to work in the medical field because she has always found interest in it. “I’m thinking of being a surgical nurse. They work directly with a doctor and give assistance to the doctor or surgeon during the surgery,” said Belanger. If you are considering the class, she recommends taking Health Science and Medical Terminology simultaneously!

Rachel Belanger