Student Leadership Opportunity

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

Peer Assistance Leadership students (PALS) is a program set for students who want to build up a community of excitement, leadership and fun in not only the highschools, as they take part in creating pep rally fun and coordinating dances, but also elementary schools as they build relationships with kids and participate in leadership roles and learning. 

We go to the elementary schools to hang alongside the kids there,” Jose Garcia Bonilla said. “We have a one on one friendship with a student there. We plan homecoming and we also run the spirit shop!”

As PALS brings a role of leadership to many students, it also gives students in the field experience and a chance to learn how to plan events before the real world. In addition, it gives students a chance to have fun themselves and invest their time into an opportunity to meet new people and develop “buddy” friendships with little kids. 

“I’ve chosen to continue in it because PALS has helped me meet so many great new people,” Garcia Bonilla said. “Although it’s fun, being in PALS comes with a great responsibility.”

Being in PALS is “a great responsibility” and should be taken not only as a good chance to learn and develop new skills in communication, leadership and experience but also a chance to prove maturity, while having fun, accountability-during school hours and while working on the PALS team- and specific life-long skills that develop a mindset of leadership and learning.

“One of my goals is to meet a group of kids and get to know what they want to do in life,” Mia Sanchez, a nominee for PALS said. “And help them be successful and make impacts throughout our school and community.”

While Nominees for the new positions on PALS have been chosen for their acts of leadership and recommendation by students, they hold a choice in their hands. They must consider the benefits of continuing in the program and the disadvantages while also determining the impact it could have on their overall high-school experience. 

“There are many positive sides of being a PAL,” Sanchez said. “One of them is that through this organization you can meet so many amazing people…I love working with kids and I am very passionate about learning about the future.”


NOTE: With nominations already in, students begin to start the “application process” into the program, eager to be picked for consideration for the limited spots on the team. An update will be posted after nominees are chosen, and spots are filled up!