Panthers of the Week (1/31-2/4)


Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Audrey Axton, junior 

Audrey joined the swim team her sophomore year. This season she is the team captain. Her role as team captain involves encouraging the team and inspiring everyone to have a positive attitude at practice. She enjoys the bonds created with her teammates and loves how everyone cheers each other on at swim meets. She has swum competitively for seven years and continues to swim for a club team. Audrey likes being a role model as she has won gold at regional championships and is able to encourage her team. “The best part of being on the swim team is being able to contribute to a state-qualifying team and represent my school in the best way I can,” said Axton.

Audrey Axton











Allie Love, sophomore

Allie has run on the cross country team for the past two years. She initially decided to run cross country because she is a competitive person and looks forward to challenging herself. Allie is also involved in CHHS soccer and club soccer. Sometimes it is difficult for her to balance sports both inside and outside of school as well as her studies. However, she enjoys testing her limits and spending valuable time with her friends.

Allie Love (left)















Sadaah Charnia, sophomore

Sadaah is a part of the Dance Team Prep class instructed by Ms. Van. The objective of the class is to prep students for one of the two school dance teams, the Pantherettes or the Panteras. “We learn terms and steps to dance with proper technique and physiques as well as how to be flexible,” said Charnia. Although the class is fun, it can be very tiring. She has to push herself especially hard when learning new steps. She believes everything will be worth it in the end if she makes the dance team next school year.

Sadaah Charnia