Panthers of the Week (2/7-2/11)


Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

Bria Nisbet, junior

Alli Thompson left, Nisbet right

Bria Nisbet has been on the JV golf team for 3 years.

She decided to join golf because her sister had done it and she knew the coach already.

Nisbet also plays golf outside of school, usually with her dad, sister, or one of her brothers.

Her favorite part about playing golf is the fresh air, as “kids in our generation don’t get very much of that anymore.”

She says while the entire game is pretty hard, the most difficult thing about golf is putting.

Nisbet plans to continue playing golf for the rest of high school.




Athena Patterson, sophomore

Athena Patterson is in Animation with Ms. Giamanco.

She decided to take this class because she didn’t get into Art 2, but thought it looked “interesting” as an alternate.

Patterson was in Art 1 last year and also took Art in middle school.

She likes art because she is able to be as creative as she wants and do whatever she wants to do with the piece.

This inspiration behind this piece of art is, “I just really like Spongebob.”


Emma Bayles, sophomore

Emma Bayles is on the JV 1 tennis team. She’s been playing tennis at CHHS for two years, but was also on the tennis team in 7th grade at CMS.

Bayles decided to join tennis because in elementary school the gym coach said she should try tennis because of her “mad skills” in pickleball.

Her favorite part of playing tennis is that she gets to miss school and she’s made good friends from the team.

Despite enjoying missing school at the time, the most difficult part of playing tennis is catching up with her classes after tournaments. Plus, Bayles doesn’t enjoy trips to the weight room.

She plans to continue playing tennis for the rest of high school.