Snow In Texas


David Lasch, Snow Savant

Snow? In Texas? That’s something almost unheard of for our state, excluding last year. So, when we got a little snow over the weekend (1-3 inches of it), it was a pleasant surprise for most students in the DFW Metroplex.

Local school districts closed their doors on Thursday and Friday of last week due to the said snow. This gave students a chance to enjoy the snow, stay at home, sleep, and complete any work that they may or may not have been able to complete.

Similarly to last year, the roads were not favorable. But, unlike the previous year, most power remained intact for the people in the metroplex. As 5 million people in the state had lost power last year, a little ice on the roads was a lot better than many people freezing in the cold, winter snow.

School being canceled, though being nice, came with stipulations. Students lost some weather make-up days to the storm, so they no longer have some days off and instead have to be in class. On top of that, some teachers still assigned their students work to do over the 4 day weekend.

As snow is a rare occurrence in the state, it’s usually a fun time when we get a bit of it. Though most people don’t like the other things that come with it, those being ice and sleet, snow itself is always a nice change of scenery.

Road conditions are always changing with the weather. As Texas doesn’t have much in the way of protecting itself from the winter elements, the roads will often become dangerous or near impossible to drive in. Unless you’re driving a vehicle that has 4-wheel drive, sometimes it is just safer to stay home rather than to go out and adventure in your little Toyota Camry.

So, hope you stayed safe and enjoyed the snow while it was here, because we may or may not experience it again until some time in the future whether that be near or far. Snow is a rare occurrence in our state, so while it’s here, we should enjoy it.