Thoroughly Modern Millie


David Lasch, Techie

Over the weekend, Colleyville Heritage High School Theatre Department presented their first musical of the year. For many, this was their first show that they had ever performed, and for some it is the last. Many students from around the school participated in the production, even some with limited knowledge of how theatre works.

In total, three extracurricular groups all teamed up to work on this production. The Theatre Department, Choir, and Orchestra all worked together to make a fun, and very detailed, production. For the show, more than 94 students participated and worked to make it something truly special.

Thoroughly Modern Millie was produced by us here at Colleyville Heritage High School. It was directed by Cameron Mumford, the Theatre teacher here at CHHS. Alexis Wong, a Junior at Colleyville Heritage, assisted in directing the show.

The show lasted three nights, those being Thursday the 27th, Friday the 28th, and Saturday the 29th. On Saturday, they performed twice. One show at 2pm and another at 7pm like the previous shows. Every show it was reported that over 200 people attended, with around 300 being the average attendance for each show.

In total, there were more than 15 seniors that worked on and performed in the show. There were over 20 people on the tech side of things, and over 25 people in the orchestra for the show. On top of that, over 60 students attended rehearsals and acted in the show.

Thoroughly Modern Millie had one of the biggest casts that CHHS had ever performed with. Every night though, the audience seemed to love the show from every angle. Laci Jackson, president of the senior class of 2022, and president of the CHHS Panther Theatre Department, performed in the show as Millie, along with her co-star, Mason Bates, who performed as Jimmy.

All three nights, the show lasted about three hours long. The show had two acts with it, with an intermission period in the middle for going to the restroom, getting snacks, and talking to the people around you.

At the end of the 4th showing, it was time to take down the set. All the actors, technicians, and orchestra members all worked together to take down the show from one bedroom to the background of the set. In total, it took around two and a half hours to complete, lasting from 9:00pm to 11:30pm.

The students and staff members who worked on this show are for the most part all very happy with the results of the show. The audience seemed to love it every night, and that’s where it counts. Though this isn’t the last show for the year, it’s definitely one to remember.


Photo credit: Rebecca Nason, David Lasch