Ms. Lucia’s Enduring Impact


Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance is a course selected by many students each year. The course is almost always on Lindsay Lucia’s schedule for the school year. She has taught the class all but one year out of the seven years she has been a teacher. 

Lucia took every marketing class that was offered in high school. After discovering that she thoroughly enjoyed them, she began to compile a list of potential careers for her future. The careers she had in mind were teaching, event planning, interior design, and sports marketing.

“The marketing classes prepared me for some of the classes I took during my freshman year of college,” said Lucia.

Before becoming a teacher full-time, she worked in Customer Relations at a corporate office in Fort Worth. Growing up, she got a firsthand account of the impact her parents had on their students. 

“I wanted to have a job where I could help people in some capacity, too,” said Lucia. “It’s my dream job. I wanted to combine my interest and experience in marketing with my passion for teaching.”

Marketing is her favorite thing to teach. She also enjoys teaching personal finance and believes it is essential for every student to learn prior to graduating high school.

“Ms. Lucia is by far one of my favorite teachers,” said Rafa Merland-Roa, sophomore. “She is kind, caring, and she takes time with each of her students.”

Roa is a student of Lucia’s and initially chose to study Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance because business is a pathway into her career interests. She either plans to one day work for the corporate world or go into law.

“My favorite thing I have learned was the advertisement and promotion part of the class,” said Aaron Inman, freshman. “I thought it was helpful to learn how to promote a business or an event.”

Inman currently plans to pursue a career in computer science after graduating high school. He decided to take Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance to gain knowledge for after college if he were to start a business.

“Ms. Lucia has really changed my view on this class,” said Inman. “At first I thought it would be a boring, by the book class, but Ms. Lucia really made the class a thing I look forward to every day.”

Little did Lucia know how many students she would positively impact throughout her years as a teacher. The kindness and patience she has for students does not go unnoticed.

“My favorite thing about being a teacher is when my students tell me that something we’ve learned in class has helped them in real life,” said Lucia. “I love hearing from former students.”