Annual Fees and Budget Costs

Can Students Afford It?

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

Many students have felt that the school’s budgeting is getting in the way of their ability to participate in athletics, tests and other events because of high booster fee costs, not enough open scholarships, or struggle having enough money to pay for annual costs. Students who drive cars are often faced with the issue of paying a $100 parking fee for use of public parking space. 

With these issues underway, students begin to feel overwhelmed with trying to get enough money to participate in things. As well, the school’s idea of paying extra for utensils if you forgot them, paying for lunches, and paying for textbooks and printing uses has caused students to ask the question: why does our school assume we can pay for every accommodation and need? 

Students, with costs keeping them from being able to eat a meal, to events not being able to be visited, have resulted to stress and annoyance with the school for heavy fees and payment affairs.

As the school spends money on desks and chairs, or new computers, they forget to consider the less fortunate students who can’t afford new IDs, printed work, or even a snack at lunch. These students often result in no lunch, no access into school buildings, or getting to class unprepared. 

With new matters popping up, students encourage the school to think about the options they’ve brought to light. And to consider the costs and payments of things rather than the benefits of higher fees.