The Great Utensil Shortage

The Great Utensil Shortage

David Lasch, Utensil Enthusiast

You may, or may not, have realized it, but we’re all being affected by a nationwide shortage in our lunch periods. Of all the things that we could be short on due to COVID-19… Toilet paper, microchips, cleaning supplies and protective equipment, and now… Plastic Utensils.

COVID-19 has affected the lives of many, and made specific things at different times difficult, or dang right near impossible, to find. As some factories have to temporarily close due to the virus, they simply can’t keep up with the demand according to the companies themselves. With the virus, and people being stuck at home, more and more Americans decided to take up a new hobby; which was cooking and baking. And with baking and cooking comes a lack of utensils in stores.

So, that being said, our school cafeteria is now requiring students to make a purchase in order to acquire a luxury such as plastic silverware. Though it may not be a problem for most, it will affect some of the students at Colleyville Heritage. Now, this isn’t just happening at Colleyville Heritage, this is happening in several districts around the DFW metroplex.

To combat this, a lot of districts in the area are encouraging students to bring their own lunches to school in their lunch boxes or bags. This certainly solves the problem, somewhat, anyway. If a student can’t bring their lunch, however, districts are also starting to offer more and more finger foods in schools in order to combat the lack of silverware.

Well, COVID-19 has no shortage of shortages. What will it offer next? Maybe a shortage of pencils? Possibly a shortage of meat? Who knows! Utensils, though, will likely make a return to being a common item to find in stores relatively soon as did toilet paper and cleaning supplies, but we’ll have to see. Make sure you get enough to eat, Panthers!