Panthers of the Week (1/18-1/21)


Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

Avery Balser, sophomore

Diamonds Dance Guard     Avery: far right

Avery has been a part of Diamonds Color Guard for two years.

She decided to join Guard because her friend at another school does it and Avery thought she looked really cool and wanted to try it herself.

Her favorite parts of being on this team has been going to all the competitions during marching band season and the spring, as Winter Guard.

She doesn’t know for sure yet, but she hopes to continue being part of the Diamonds for the rest of high school.





Alyssa Prins, sophomore

Alyssa has been a part of the Pantherettes team since last year.

She has been dancing since she was around six years old in the Junior Panteras camp, and at Heritage Middle School she was part of the Highsteppers dance team.

Her favorite part of being a Pantherette is competing and learning routines with her team.

To Alyssa, dancing is important because it is a way to express herself.












Ashlyn Conrad: left   Galilea: right

Galilea Ortiz, sophomore

Galilea is a part of the Premier Panteras Varsity dance team. She has been doing dance for around five years.

Dancing with the school has always been a goal of hers because she’s admired it since before she was even in high school.

Her favorite part of being a Painter is how everyone gets along and it’s a “sisterhood,” plus how amazing competitions are. She thinks the feeling of dancing on stage is magnificent.

She plans to continue being on the dance team for the rest of high school.

To Galilea, dancing is a form of self-expression. It’s how she communicates with herself; when she’s not feeling great, she “dances till her heart is content.”