Panthers of the Week (1/10-1/14)


Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Cindey Xiao, senior

Cindey has played golf for CHHS since her freshman year. She decided she wanted to be a part of the golf team in order “to immerse herself in a group of competitive yet supportive athletic individuals.” The other players on the team happen to be her favorite thing about the sport. She loves being able to relate to “a group of amazingly funny and friendly group of girls.”

Cindey Xiao











Hannah Rickman, sophomore

Hannah is on the Junior-Varsity Cross Country team. She loves to run and has found it as a great way to relieve stress. Although she loves running, the most difficult part is waking up early each morning. Despite the difficulties, she loves her teammates. “They are [the team] like a second family to me and I know I can count on them,” said Rickman. She plans to continue running cross country throughout the remainder of high school.

Hannah Rickman










Allison Buchanan, sophomore

Allison is a student in Ms. Lucia’s Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance class. She hopes to own her own business after graduating college with a business degree. She has enjoyed learning about how to make a resume and believes it will help her tremendously in the future. “Ms. Lucia does a really nice job of describing our assignments and elaborating on terms related to the class,” said Buchanan. 

Allison Buchanan