Holiday Surveys

Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter, Poller (?) Surveyor (??)

During finals week, I went around to some classrooms and polled the students with some holiday/winter break-themed survey questions. The results are below : )


Are you staying home or traveling over break? (133 answers total)

Home: 101

Traveling: 32


What holiday do you celebrate other than Christmas? (9 answers total)

Hanukkah: 3

Yule (generalized): 2

Eid: 1

Winter Solstice: 1

New Year (exclusively): 2


Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? (62 answers total)

Yes: 46

No: 16


Skiing vs. Snowboarding (59 answers total)

Skiing: 12

Snowboarding: 47


Would you rather get coal as a gift or step in yellow snow? (55 answers total)

Coal: 32

Yellow snow: 23


Elf vs. Home Alone [the franchise in general] (70 answers total)

Elf: 26

Home Alone: 44


Hot cocoa vs. apple cider (53 answers total)

Hot cocoa: 49

Apple cider: 4


Do you like Christmas music? (49 answers total)

Yes: 43

No:  6


I hope everyone who got a chance to answer these polls in person enjoyed it : ) Share this article with friends and maybe I’ll do more “stories” like it.

Enjoy your break! Happy holidays from the Newspaper family to yours : )