CHHS Panther Football Season Recap


David Lasch, Reporter

Over the last 4-5 months the CHHS Panther Football Team had been busy practicing, training, and playing their sport to the best of their abilities. Overall, the team had a fairly successful season in general, winning 12 out of the 14 games that they played in total.

To start out with, the Panthers played their rival high school team, the Grapevine Mustangs, in the annual Red Rail Game, where they ended up winning 42-7. Just a week later, they played the Boswell Pioneers and beat them 52-0. Some other notable games were the game they played against the Birdville Hawks (61-26), Mansfield Legacy Broncos (55-13), and the game against the Cooper Cougars (63-21). Not only did they win these game, but they also won against several other teams as well.

Though the Panthers won many games within their season, they also lost a couple. Their first lost, taking place on Friday of 9/10, took play against the Trinity Trojans where they lost 27-30, a fairly close game to say the least. The second game they lost, and the most recent, was against Summit Mansfield at the Birdville FAAC. This game, the Panthers lost 9-21. The majority of the game the Panthers were within one touchdown of taking the lead against Summit Mansfield, but ended up losing in the end.

Some notable players this season were Mason Murdock, a Senior at CHHS. He carried the ball a total of 778 yards this season and scored five touchdowns throughout the the season. Another notable player is Bryan Hansen, a Senior at CHHS. Bryan took most of the kickoffs, punts, and field goals of which he made the vast majority of them. These players, along with the rest of the team, worked hard all season long to get as far as they did this season.

The CHHS Panthers at the time that this story as written are ranked #45 in the state of Texas, 6th in the Texas district 5A-1, 11th in Region I, and 24th in Dallas. The panthers went 7-0 in district this year, leaving them 1st overall.

Not only that, but the panthers made it all the way through the playoffs to the quarter finals for the season against Sumit Mansfield where they were eliminated from the playoffs. The Panthers had a very good season compared to a lot of the other teams that they played throughout the past 4 months.

Overall, the CHHS Panthers ended up 12-2 for the season. They worked very hard and accomplished much over the season, and they showed how successful they could be. It will be interesting to see how the CHHS Panthers will improve throughout off season.