Cramming for Exams

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

Semester exams are coming in the next week and so are stressful times for students as they prepare to take the last test of their semester- worth fifteen percent of their grade.  As students work to complete reviews and cram in the daily homework to finish up their classes in the final days before break, annoyance and frustration become evident.

“Personally, I have not studied for finals at all yet,” Ashley Garcia said. “Most of my teachers are still trying to cram in information and many assignments that I am trying to complete first.” 

Not only has it been giving students a hard time to fit in a good review plan before exams, but has been causing many students to feel as though the finals are a pointless test that could ruin their GPA (Grade-point-average). 

“I don’t see the point to them,” Austin Martin said. “They stress people out for no reason, and if most of them have the ability to be exempted then why should we be taking them at all?”

To boot, Garcia feels “grades by the end of this semester matter for your GPA,” especially if you’re a Junior. As well, grades have been shoved at kids in UIL, teachers and coaches urging them to do well in class. Although finals don’t go towards UIL grading, it’s ability to bring down your GPA is real and if not more reason to get in studying or exempt from finals. 

“I think that exemptions are a good thing,” Garcia said. “This gives students a break that they have earned. The only thing that I do not agree with is the number of exemptions we have. If only adding final exams that will help your grade in the grade book is not an option then students should have an unlimited amount of exemptions with the same requirements.”

Garcia isn’t the only one who feels that exemptions if given, should not be limited, however, should stay with the same expectations. In spite of this universal view, others feel that if they could have the opportunity to be exempt at all, why are finals still being given? What’s the point if you can just exempt them all?  

“For example, in college, they don’t give us the option to not study for the final, and you have to live with not studying for it,” Martin said. “I’m against exams on stuff we’ve learned all semester like you learn what they teach for the test and then forget it, it doesn’t feel like you are learning it.” 

Even though exams can be exempted and students have given their stance on the idea behind finals, the exams are not to be canceled. Taking these last few days before the assessments, students prepare to study hard and work to keep those exemptions they earned to end the semester on a high note. 

“I believe that final exams will be very difficult this year because many of us are not used to taking tests in person,” Garcia said. “I have found it very difficult to get my work ethic back that I had in school and sometimes my work ethic is still lacking compared to my previous years…[Reviews] were given the week before the exam which gives me time to study.”


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain