Football Season Comes To An Unfortunate End


David Lasch, Reporter

Over the weekend the varsity Colleyville Heritage High School Panther Football team played in the quarter finals against Summit Mansfield to achieve a place to participate in the semifinals. CHHS, of which had won all of their previous games except one game against Trinity High School, had previously beaten Mansfield in a fairly close game, by far any closer than any of the others. Unfortunately though, they got the upper hand this game.

Previously, CHHS beat Summit Mansfield 35-34. Last weekend, however, Mansfield beat CHHS 21-9. CHHS had many opportunities to win throughout the game, as the score was only 14-9 in the 4th quarter for the majority of the game, though we just couldn’t get one in. All in all, the loss this weekend made us 12-2 and Mansfield 11-3.

Throughout the game, CHHS’s number 83 made three field goals, all of which gave us 3 points. Our defense played extremely well for what they could do and what circumstances they were in. All in all, it was a unfortunate way to end the season, but a great season overall.