Panthers of the Week (11/29-12/3)


Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Rafa Merland-Roa, sophomore

Rafa has played on the varsity golf team for the past two years. She grew up around the game of golf and was surrounded by it as she got older, and felt as if it was only right to try out for the team. Her favorite part about being on the golf team is the relationships and bonds she creates with other players. She currently plans to play golf for the remainder of her time in high school.

Rafa Merland-Roa and Cindy Xiao












Dallas Sylvester, sophomore

Dallas is a student in Ms. Trice’s ASL 1 class. Their absolute favorite part of ASL is learning new signs and realizing how fascinating a visual language is. They enjoy finding out which of their teachers know ASL and signing to them. They most definitely plan to take ASL 2 and 3 throughout the remainder of high school. “I hope that I will be doing ASL until the end of life,” said Sylvester.

Dallas Sylvester











Morgan Barnett

Morgan is a student in Mr. Deaton’s ASL 2 class. She chose to take ASL because she always found spoken languages hard to understand. However, she finds beauty in ASL. “I think sign language is so beautiful, being able to speak with your hands and communicate with a whole deaf community is so beautiful,” said Barnett. She is considering taking ASL 3 next school year to further her skills and become more fluent in sign.

Morgan Barnett