Panthers of the Week 11/15-11/19


Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

Benjamin Haines, 9th grade

Benjamin is in Ms. Trice’s ASL 1 class. He decided to take ASL because his brother took it in high school and Benjamin wants to be like him. He plans to continue learning this language by taking ASL 2 and on. In the future, Benjamin plans to pursue something related to computer science or art, and he hopes to be able to be used as a translator if he happens to work with someone Deaf.



JP Werth, 10th grade

JP is also in Ms. Trice’s ASL 1 class. He decided to take ASL because his girlfriend is also taking ASL and they want to be able to sign to each other. After graduation, he plans to pursue something music related. He doesn’t quite know how ASL will help him, but he is excited to find out. JP’s favorite part of this class is Ms. Trice. He thinks she is very nice and patient, even when he is confused or doesn’t know what is going on.






Marie Kuelbs, 11th grade

Marie is in Ms. Wu-Gilbertson’s Chinese 3 Advanced. She was adopted from China and her family wanted her to get closer to her culture, so she started learning Chinese. She had taken Spanish up till 10th grade, but also started taking Chinese in 9th. In 11th grade she dropped Spanish and took Chinese exclusively. She plans to pursue something business related and since Chinese is such a pervasive language, she thinks it will help with communication in her future career. Her favorite part of taking Chinese is the small classes. There is only one other student in her class, which makes it really easy to get to know each other.