Lockers Should Be Available For Student Use


Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

After students started hiding drugs, guns or other illegal items in their lockers, most high schools stopped allowing students to use them. 

Lockers should be available to students because they allow students to keep their personal belongings secure, backpacks can become too heavy and cause back issues, and help them develop a sense of independence.

Lockers give students a place to store their belongings in between classes without the risk of them being tampered with or stolen. In class, bags are out in the open and are an easy target to drop things into, like a tracking device or an incriminating item that could get the innocent student into trouble. For example, in the book (and now Peacock TV series) One of Us Is Lying, four students have incriminating evidence dropped discreetly into their backpacks during class, getting them all sent to detention. If they had lockers, they wouldn’t have had to even bring their backpacks to class; all they needed would have been the notebook for that class and writing utensils. 

Without lockers, students have to carry around tons of notebooks, textbooks, binders, and other school supplies all day. With at least five different classes, the total weight of all those required materials can really affect their back and posture, which can cause chronic pain and other long-term health problems. If lockers were available, the students could drop off what they don’t need for their next class and only carry supplies for one subject, which can drastically cut down on the weight. Plus, students would be more inclined to bring extra study materials if they know they won’t have to bear the extra weight throughout the day. 

Lockers can foster a sense of independence and individuality in students. They create a place where they can feel safe leaving their important belongings without fear that it will be lost or stolen. Plus, it can make students realize the value of their possessions and appreciate them more. In addition to a feeling of security, it can be a place students can decorate themselves and feel at home. Some may say students will take advantage of the secure location and hide drugs or weapons in their lockers, and that may be true in some cases, but most students don’t want to jeopardize their entire future. These days, the punishment for such a crime is extreme and most students won’t take the risk. 

If the school doesn’t want students to bring drugs and weapons to school, banning lockers is not the way to go. Forcing students to carry 15 pound backpacks around all day doesn’t guarantee a safe school. The school should focus on teaching the dangers of illegal substances and weapons instead of not allowing students to store their school supplies between classes. 

Lockers should be available for student use. The school should prevent students from owning illegal items by teaching about the dangers of having such drugs and weapons instead of banning lockers.