Christmas Trees in November

When is Early too Early?

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

When is it considered too early to decorate for Christmas? Students and teachers share their insight on when trees and decor should be put up and when it’s too late to start.

A survey was done by The Business Journals, showing ten percent of 2,562 people put their Christmas tree up immediately after Halloween. As the study shows, the highest percent argues that decorations don’t go up until the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, in spite of these different views, others find it’s better to decorate the first week of December or even in the weeks following Thanksgiving. 

“[I put up my Christmas tree] December first because that’s the Christmas Month,” Aria Schwomeyer, freshman, said. 

Unlike those who find it too late to put the Christmas tree up in December, others find it difficult to have the time to get the decor out when work and studies get in the way. Others use their break to get it done. According to the survey, nineteen percent of people put their Christmas tree up the week of Thanksgiving.  

“I put mine up over Thanksgiving break because that is the only time I have to get it up and decorated,” Mrs. McCready, Biology teacher and assistant Cross Country coach, said. 

After Halloween seems too sudden. Especially as decorations for the fall haven’t been put up yet with Thanksgiving around the corner. 

“Before Thanksgiving, the week before is too early,” Mrs. McCready said. 

“I would say [it’s too early] to put up the Christmas tree right after Halloween,” Thanu ( last name not given), Freshman, said.

The Christmas season is argued to start after Thanksgiving, an article by Yellow Hammer suggests Christmas music should also be waited on until at least the day after Thanksgiving. The study claims the music “cannot be appreciated” before the Christmas month of December. 

“[I start listening to Christmas music] the day after Thanksgiving,” Mrs. McCready said. 

However, some feel differently, believing that Christmas music is meant for all day every day. 

“[Christmas music is for] all-year-round,” Thanu said. 

Though the study and survey show people would rather listen to it in the right season, where it can feel the most festive, students argue differently. Claiming that Christmas music is meant for every day of every season. On the contrary, their joyful spirits towards their views on music are not shared on the early decorating of trees and houses. 

McCready shares this view, but also claims that “If you wait past the second week of December, you’ve waited too long.”