Panthers of the Week (11/1-11/5)


Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Rayika Freyana, sophomore

Rayika is a student in Coach Pav’s AVID class. She has been an AVID student for the past four years. She attended Heritage Middle School and has been in the program since 7th-grade. The AVID Program is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to succeed in college. AVID means a lot to Rayika, “I think it opened up more opportunities for me,” said Freyana. She enjoys the team-building activities in class and thinks it is a fun way to interact with her peers. Rayika plans to take AVID throughout the next two years of high school.

Rayika Freyana










Ashlyn Wright, junior

Ashlyn assists in student tutorials and acts as a tutor for Coach Pav’s sophomore AVID class. The role of an AVID tutor is to supervise peer tutorials to make sure discussions and questions are helpful and guide students when they are stuck on problems by asking questions. Ashlyn wanted to be an AVID tutor to help her younger peers in classes that she has already taken. “I love learning about the strategies AVID students have to help them through school,” said Wright.

Ashlyn Wright










Emma Phillips, sophomore

Emma plays on the junior-varsity tennis team. This school year will be her second year playing tennis for the school. She joined the tennis team her freshman year and it was her first time playing the sport. Emma enjoys the fact that tennis is a fun sport and it’s hard to master, so it keeps it challenging. “My favorite part about playing tennis is that it’s not necessarily a physical sport. You just have to outsmart the person on the court instead of hitting them down,” said Phillips.

Emma Phillips