Choir Performs First Concert of the Year


David Lasch

On Monday, October 18th, the CHHS Choir performed their first concert of the year. The concert consisted of many different groups within the choir, many different songs, and many different members of the program, including the new to GCISD directors Kimberly McConnell and Jenna McLean.


The Choir Department performed several songs throughout their performance. Groups such as the Varsity Treble, Varsity Men, Panther Corale, and many other groups all participated in singing. Choir is yet to perform several more times throughout the year.

So far, the choir has performed songs such as “Witness,” “O Magnum Mysterium,” “No Time,” “River to Judea,” Wade in the Water,” “Cantate Domino,” and several others. The choir practiced these songs for many weeks before putting on their first performance of the year.

The crowd seemed to enjoy the show immensely. One audience member even stated; “Holy smokes!” This is the best one this year!” The crowd cheered, applauded, and watched as everyone in the department shared what they had been working on.

Not only was the choir’s singing exceptionally well put together, but the choir also had an impressive display of color in the background of their set. The color in the background added extra detail that really set the mood for each individual song.

Choir had an amazing first performance of the year. They plan to do several more shows over the 2021-2022 school year under the new leadership of Kimberly McConnell and Jenna McLean. As Choir continues to perform over the year, it will be interesting to see how they progress and improve on their previous performances, but for now, enjoy this photo gallery of their first performance!