Halloween Sneaks up Around the Corner

Student Insight

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

Halloween, perceived by many, is a childish holiday. Even though that ideal seems to only appeal to a limited few. High school students, after years of trick or treating, still get excited for a night of screams and scares. Whether they go to every house to get candy or get dressed up for the fun of it. Most find it a great time to get photos for Instagram, get dressed up, go to parties, or watch horror movies. With teens loving the holiday and finding it just as exciting, if not more, as their childish years begs the question: is it the holiday that seems childish or only the dressing up and going trick or treating?

“I personally like Halloween,” Mia Knappenberger said. “I know some people think it’s a ‘devils’ holiday or something but I disagree. I just see it as a chance to dress up and get free candy. I’m also a fan of watching scary movies and Halloween is the perfect time for that.” 

Likewise, surveys, fromTreetopia, show that one in four people agree someone is never too old to celebrate the holiday and be a part of the Halloween festivities. Furthermore, age limits have been argued over many years, that kids should stop the minute they become teenagers.

Jose Garcia Bonilla, however, has a different view on the idea of being too old to go out and have the same fun, “Halloween is fun because you get to dress up as someone else for the night.” 

In addition, despite believing that that trick or treating is “the most childish part…because knocking on someone’s door and asking for candy would be a weird thing to do as an adult.” High schoolers still find excitement in dressing up and being with their friends on this classic scary night. 

“I enjoy Halloween because it gives people a chance to dress up as something else and express their interests,” Krissy Holloway said. “It also gives me a chance to spend time with my peers to celebrate the holiday.” 

As Halloween sets the scene for scary movies and candy of all kinds, students get dressed up and ready for a night of fun. Claiming that even with all the “childish” things of Halloween, they can still manage to do what they love on this holiday. 

“The most childish part, and probably the most embarrassing part of Halloween is knocking on the doors and saying trick or treat,” Mia said. “Now that I’m older, some people will judge the older kids that go trick or treating but I just want the free candy.” 

Trick or treating, in the opinion of Somewhat Simple, should stop after the age of 12. Though the article also suggests some teens will go to get that excitement they got as little kids- teens finding joy in dressing up.  

“[My favorite part of the holiday] is dressing up,” Jose said. 

Similarly, Krissy expresses the same love for the value of becoming someone else for the night, “I enjoy Halloween because it gives people a chance to dress up as something else and express their interests. It also gives me a chance to spend time with my peers to celebrate the holiday.”

Although trick or treating is seen as a childish act and dressing up is looked down upon by many in their teen years, high school students still claim it to be a fun and exciting way to enjoy a holiday they’ve loved since childhood.

“My favorite thing about Halloween is coming back home with a bucket full of candy and trading candies with my sisters,” Mia said.