Rocking Red Ribbon Week

Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated all over the United States every year in October. The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to raise awareness in students’ lives about living drug-free. High schools celebrate RRW by having dress-up days for students to partake in.

On Monday, students had the opportunity to take a drug-free pledge. The pledge was an interactive experience that will undoubtedly be remembered.

“Students signed popsicle sticks committing to that pledge and then we plant Tulips in the flowerbed,” Robin Davis, counselor and student advocate said. “In Spring when they bloom, it’s going to be a reminder that ‘Oh yeah, I made that promise.'”

Allison Buchanan, sophomore, enjoys Red Ribbon Week when it comes to the dress-up day themes. Her favorite dress-up day was costume day because “it was funny to see all of the costumes” and see students “go all out…”

“It’s really cool to dress differently than you normally do because you aren’t alone,” said Buchanan. “It’s also fun to see everyone contribute to the themes.”

Not only do students take the opportunity to participate in Red Ribbon Week, but teachers and staff as well. Long-term substitute, Teresa Levi, dressed up for twin day with a good friend, Courtney Adams, Child Development and Instructional Practices teacher.

“Dressing up for Red Ribbon Week adds an element of fun and brings more interesting parts to the day,” Levi said. “It is also a good way to come together and bring awareness to saying no to drugs.”

In addition, May 9-14 will be substance abuse prevention week.

(More details to follow in the months to come!)


Contributor: Cori Getz