Panthers of the Week 10/25-10/29


Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

Gabriella Tanagon, 10th grade

Gabby is a part of Ms. Lucia’s Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance class.

She is taking this class because she wants to open a retail business when she’s older, theme undecided. She hopes to walk away understand international relations to spread her business to other countries.

Her favorite part of this class is the free time at the end because it’s not work the entire time.




Laci Jackson, 12th grade

Laci is a part of Ms. Muckley’s AP Music Theory class.

She took this class because she wants to be a theater teacher and hopes it will help improve her piano and overall music skills.

In this class she is learning how to identify keys, read sheet music, learn rhythm and other musical abilities.




Tyler Lane, 12th grade

Kurt Kornman (left: Gary R. Barnard right: Tyler Lane)

Tyler is the head drum major in the band.

He decided to take band because he’s always been interested in music and thought band was the obvious choice when he started middle school.

Tyler’s favorite part of band is the intrinsic family feeling. He says it feels like you can talk to anyone because everyone is always so close.

He thinks the most difficult part of band is the workload, but it is worth it in the end. Each week, he has to spend about 8 hours outside of school practicing.