The Mousetrap


David Lasch, Writer

Over the weekend, the Colleyville Heritage Theatre Department had their first show of the year. This year, the department decided to show the production of Mousetrap, which is a Murder Mystery story.

The Mousetrap production was casted back in May so that the show could be put together easily for the production that took place late September. The actors took time out of their days over the summer to memorize their lines so that they could more easily focus on their blocking, which is where they are supposed to be at different times, and also building the set.

The Mousetrap cast included Anna Grigsby as Mrs. Casewell, Kyra Shields as Mr. Paravicini, Katelyn Fugitt as Mrs. Boyle, Deric Marsh as Giles Ralston, Ella Hutchens as Molly Ralston, Hayden Dietrich as Major Metcalf, JP Werth as Christopher Wren, Sean Vo was also Christopher Wren for one of the shows, Sophi Wright as the Radio Voice, and Luke Radandt as Sergeant Trotter.

The crew for Mousetrap included William Chen as Stage Manager, Ian Wilhite and David Lasch as Assistant Stage Managers, Ashley Rose was incharge of microphones, Colby Ray was on sound, Jillian Davis was incharge of lighting the show, Bee Brooks designed the entire set, Laci Jackson was the assistant director, and Alexis Wong was the Production Manager. And of course, the director of the show was Cameron Mumford.

The show was produced last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (September 29, 30, and October 1st) at 7:00pm all three nights lasting about two hours per show. Every night, the audience laughed and enjoyed the show that the cast and crew worked so hard to produce.

At the very end of the night, on the very last show, it was time to take the set down. An hour later, it was all gone in preparation for the next show, which is the production of Our Town. From me, Mousetrap was a very fun show to produce, and a very fun show to have been a part of. I’m thankful that I was able to be a part of it.