Volleyball placed 1st in District after Competitive Game against Northwest

Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

This past Tuesday at 6:30 p.m, the volleyball team went up against Northwest in both a Junior Varsity and Varsity match. Followed by matches on Friday. The court was filled with a competitive atmosphere, as most home games are, creating strength through the players on both sides of the court. The volleyball team, a record of 4-1, going up against Northwest, a record of 5-0, felt it was a fair game, excited to see the outcome. 

As Luara See, a Middle Blocker on Varsity, said, “I felt like we came out and played a really good game.” the outcome pleased the whole team, See explaining that she was “very excited how this put us first in the district.” 

Furthermore, being in first, the coaches strived to push the girls to do better and be better. As they continue to compete, they learn to fight what problems come their way on the court. 

“They learned how to fight their adversity. A few of our sets got taken away from us and we lost a few sets,” Assistant Coach Fifer said. “So learning how to fight back and stay consistent was what they learned.” 

Furthermore, the volleyball team pushes themselves and each other to go the extra mile. The team itself working hard to determine weaknesses and strengths out on the court, as they faced off against Northwest. 

“I think an important thing to think about and know is the other team’s strengths and weaknesses,” See said. “Who their strong players are and who they are going to set the ball to the most because that helps us set up our defense.”

Passion on the team causes an explosive high of encouragement and cheer as the team leads themselves to victory. Despite the win, they all knew how difficult it was to go out, play, and win. The determination and hard work were persistent in each player, even those off the court, to do better, be better and be a team. 

“Overall, the team was very excited after the win because it was all people on the team that helped out with the win,” See announced. “The people on the court were able to shut them down and discover who their strong hitters were so we could create our defense around them.  Then the people were on the sidelines and in the stands [helped out] because they were very good cheers and brought very good energy throughout the entire game which I felt kept everyone going.”

As the team raps up the game, they progress into more practice; determined to keep their position as number one in the district. Likewise, working towards the same goals in the upcoming meets. 

“[It went] really well,” Coach Fifer said. “The girls played really well.” 

The players pushing themselves to have a good time and communicate as a team to find that place of encouragement on the court and off. 

“After we win we like to carry that atmosphere into the following practices and that mindset,” See said. “I feel like after a loss we get upset and then reflect on what we did wrong and go into practice ready to work on the certain things that were hurting us so we can better ourselves.”