Football Season Update



Red Rail Rivalry Game

Cori Getzendanner, Writer, Reporter

Currently our football team is class 5A Division 1 and is ranked #6 in Dave Campbell’s Texas Football rankings. We have been named in articles by The Dallas Morning News and the Star-Telegram

“Really excited about this year’s team,” safety coach Tim Wasson said. “Right now we’re in district, we’re 1-0, and our ultimate goal is after this week to be 2-0.”

Over the games played this year so far, we have had a 75% win rate, 3-1. The first win of the year was the Red Rail Rivalry game against Grapevine High School; 42-7. Another important win was the Homecoming game against Boswell: 52-0. 

“I think [the season] is going pretty good,” Varsity defensive tackle Todd Hounchell said. “We definitely have had a good season behind us, but we’ve got a bright future ahead of us now.”

Football brings people together for different reasons. Some people like the competition, some people like watching a bunch of big guys running around in leggings, everyone is different. For coaches, however, there is a completely different rationale. 

“My favorite part is feeling like I’m making a difference in kids’ lives,” head coach Kirk Martin said. “I love the competition aspect of it. I love the family feel that you have with a team from all different backgrounds and experiences and races and religions and socio-economic backgrounds; It’s just a whole melting pot of kids that come together and love each other for a common goal. There’s nothing like it in the whole world, in my opinion.”

Senior leadership is an important part of football, and sports teams in general. They have to be a good example to the underclassmen and show the significance of relationships between players. 

“This year’s seniors are incredible,” Martin said. “There’s a lot of ‘em that have played a whole lot of football, and so just having a veteran group really helps your team. It’s important to them: they become coaches on the field, coaches in the locker room, coaches in the weight room, coaches about the classroom. We lost not one Varsity player to eligibility this first six weeks and that’s the seniors getting on ‘em and staying on ‘em. Their leadership is really paramount to our success and they will go as far as they take us, and I think they can take us all the way.”

The next game will be this Friday, October 1st. We will be playing away against Midlothian High School. After that, our next opponent will be Red Oak High School on October 8.