Panthers of the Week (9-21/9-24)


Aubrey Mahar

Aubrey is in 12th grade and is a part of Ms. Adam’s Practicum of Education class.

She decided to take this class because she loves children and wanted to learn more about practicing child development.

She wants to be a pediatric physical therapist and thinks since she gets to be with children all day now it will help prepare her for her future career later.





Bee Brooks

Bee is in 12th grade and is a part of Mr. Mumford’s technical management and advanced tech class.

They have been involved with those since their sophomore year, with the Little Shop Of Horrors musical. They were also a part of Mary Poppins, Godspell, Nevermore, and now Mousetrap.

Currently they are the resident set designer and in the past did costumes for Nevermore.

Their favorite part of being in tech is when they see the set finally go up and they get to see their hard work in action.





Isabella Galyen

Isabella is in 12th grade and is a part of Ms. Fifer’s AP 2D design class. Isabella originally took art because her

grandmothers were both very into painting and she wanted to be like them.


She’s taken art classes since middle school, including a digital art class outside of school.

Isabella likes the process of the making the art, especially the feeling of the materials being applied to the surface.

Her inspiration for the piece shown was how nature changes us. This is her brother, and she wanted to show how something so fragile (represented by the glass) can change someone so stubborn.