Colleyville’s Cool Clubs

What you should get involved in this year!


David Lasch, Writer

Are you interested in joining any clubs this year? There’s a lot to choose from based on a wide variety of interests!

Are you interested in robotics? There’s a club for that! Have a love for chemistry? There’s a club for that! Do you have a love of fishing? There’s a club for that! Have a love for fashion? There’s a club for that!

There’s a club for a large variety of student interest’s here at Colleyville Heritage High School! If you have a special interest chances are that there’s a club with people who have the same interests as you! With over 50 clubs here at Colleyville Heritage, there’s a place for you to join!

In total, students at Colleyville Heritage High School have started 52 clubs and organizations. And, that number is only getting bigger. If you are interested in starting a club of your own, you can talk to Mrs. Mann in the main office about your ideas.

Not only does Colleyville Heritage have an abundance of clubs and organizations, but we also have a large amount of Athletics and Fine Arts. Some of the Fine Arts at Colleyville include Band, Choir, Theatre, and the Diamonds Dance Guard. Our large variety of sports includes Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming and Diving teams, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, and so much more!

We also have a large amount of Academic and Honor Societies that you could join. Some societies here include the National Arts Honors Society, National French Honors Society, The Science National Honors Society / Chem Club, and several more! Our Academics offer different organizations such as DECA, Debate, UIL Academics, FCCLA, and more.

There’s a group for everyone here at Colleyville Heritage! So, don’t wait. Get involved! You won’t regret it. There are many positive benefits to the students who participate in them. Studies have shown that student who participate in clubs and organizations have an opportunity to use their academic skills in real-world context, which allows them to get a more well-rounded education.

For a full list of clubs and organizations at Colleyville Heritage High School, you can view it here: