Panthers of the Week (9/13-9/17)


Rachel Belanger, sophomore

From left to right, Rachel Belanger, Rachel Zuercher, Ashlyn Conrad, Galilea Ortiz (Photography credit: Rachel Belanger)

Rachel is a member of the Premier Panteras dance team. Her freshman year, she was Head Officer of the Pantherettes, which was a lot of fun for her.

Upon entering high school, she used to see the school dance team at competitions and at her dance studio. She always wanted to be a part of the school dance team because it looked exciting. The contest season, February through March, is what she is looking forward to. As of now, the team has learned three of the routines that they will be performing, “…and they’re all really fun,” said Belanger.

Dancing alongside the friends she’s made on the team has become her favorite part about being a Pantera.






Lindley Cox, sophomore

Lindley Cox (Photography credit: Lindley Cox)

Lindley is currently in Ms. Alkire’s Drawing 1 class. Drawing and creating art has been a way she’s begun to express herself. She took art class in middle school so she is familiar with the process.

“One of my interests is space. I’ve always liked outer space so I thought I could incorporate it into my self-portrait,” said Cox.

Cox believes that her art skills have improved since taking classes at school. She has enjoyed learning how to create people, faces and shading.







Skyler Vincent, sophomore

Skyler is currently in Ms. Gunn’s Art 1 class. She decided to take art this year, believing it would be fun.

“I like that you can’t really mess up in art,” said Vincent.

The art piece located below was a class project. Students were to complete a blind contour line drawing; meaning they couldn’t look down or lift their pencil. Vincent used watercolor to paint her project. She based the colors used off of the rainbow.

Skyler Vincent (Photography credit: Skyler Vincent)