20th Anniversary


Ryliegh Martin , Writer, Editor

A day of American struggle and American strength. A day of terrorism and pain, loss and sorrow. 4 planes and over nearly 3 thousand people. 2 towers and a terrorist group’s failed attempt at putting America in distress. 

9/11. A day we mourn for the lost and the heroes. A day to commemorate the remembrance of what our country endured. Where we, as a people, stood firm against an attack that was meant to bring us down. 

President George W. Bush did not let the country fall into chaos, but let the citizens know who the terrorists went up against. That we are a strong people, a nation under order and faith. On September 11, we showed how truly united our country is. 

Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of that day. Students at school have been aware of this day, knowing what happened even though they weren’t alive through it. They mourn the loss and learn. Teachers help to honor the loss by using class time to remember the day. 

In American Sign Language, Mrs.Trice marked two days of class on the factors of the deaf community during the attack. How horrid and terrifying it was to not be able to hear what was going on. The planes crashing into the towers as the smell of smoke and burning flesh hit the people trying to escape. 

9/11. A day we raise the younger generation up to understand and remember. A day we take to lower our flags at half staff to mourn the loss. A day we take seriously in school to understand the difficulty and tragedy our country went through. This is the 20th anniversary.