Student Voice

Chloe Gillum, Writer, Reporter

Every student has experienced things that they don’t like or necessarily agree with about school. Most of the time, however, students do not have the opportunity to have their voices heard.

School administrators need to provide students with the chance to speak up for themselves and others as it will better their education, make students feel more comfortable, and have a significant impact on the future of the school.

Allowing students to speak their minds has a lasting impact on their education. Imagine that there is a teacher who isn’t doing a very good job teaching. Maybe they don’t communicate well, don’t build relationships with their students, or they simply just aren’t engaging. If the overall future of students is a top priority, then they should have a say in whether their teacher is suitable for the job or not.

Students would feel more comfortable in school if their opinions mattered. Not only would they feel more comfortable, but they would be more invested in their learning. If their likes and dislikes in the classroom are considered then they might feel more positively toward their education. This improves their academic performance.

The relationships between students and teachers would improve and the future of the school would benefit from it. A sense of trust is established between students and teachers when connections are formed. If teachers take into account the feelings of their students more often, students will appreciate it. Once students feel safe in classrooms with their teachers, their attitude will improve.

If schools want students to have a positive attitude toward school, then they need to value their ideas and opinions. Implementing student’s voices is necessary especially when it comes to their learning. Students are supposed to benefit from school and that would be more possible if they were heard.

Each month, there should be a form that students can fill out on their computers. In this form, students can share anything they may feel the need to bring attention to. The responses from the forms will then be read by school administrators.